Sacrament of Love – Recalling Text and Verse Inspired by the Eucharist


Author(s): Stephen Redmond

ISBN13: 9781847305145

ISBN10: 1847305148

Publisher: Veritas

Extent: 96 pages

Binding: Paperback


It is my hope that Sacrament of Love will convey something of the continuity of the crowning act of providence, something of that witnessing, appreciation and love. So says Fr Stephen Redmond in the foreword to this book, wherein he tenderly and lovingly recalls some of the great statements that have been written down through history about the Eucharist, the great sacrament of love.

Retelling in his own words passages from some of the great Christian saints and figures – and one star of stage and screen! – Fr Redmond displays his own gift for verse in his reworkings, making this book a loving testament to his own devotion to the Eucharist and a wonderful aid to anyone’s contemplation of the mystery of the Eucharist.

We’re called to live in God in heaven

to get there special help is given
we call it Eucharist
which means a lovely Gift
for that is what Christ is.

– Saint Thomas Aquinas

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