Salt of the Earth; Light of the World: A Spirituality of the Sunday Gospels – Year A

Salt of the Earth; Light of the World: A Spirituality of the Sunday Gospels – Year A


Author: Peter Varengo
Publisher: Mosaic Resources
ISBN: 9781743241158
Format: Paperback
Page Count:
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This new series of reflections on the Sunday Gospels in the year of Matthew is not concerned primarily to be commentary on the text but on the message of the text; their purpose is not so much to inform as to inspire. The reflections by a master craftsman are written to unpack the Gospel – not simply Matthew’s special theological emphases but his teaching about how we are to live with one another in the stuff of the everyday. Integral to the book is the author’s assumption that life and faith belong together; that God who brings freshness and light in our lives is lavish with gifts, patient and energising for goodness, for fruitfulness, for life in its fullness. Here is a book that takes seriously the command of Jesus that we be life giving in our world, encouraging us to become people fully alive with the energy of the life of the Creator. The book is for priests and preachers, parents and teachers and for all who seek the transformation and fullness of life that God offers us in the breaking of the Word and who have the courage and the wisdom to accept the challenge of the Word and incarnate its message in our daily lives.


Peter Varengo is a Salesian priest, presently engaged in full time Adult Retreat Ministry. He has been a professed religious for more than fifty years and a priest for more than forty. He studied Theology at the Salesian University in Rome; and Religious Education in Maynooth (Ireland) and in Boston College (USA). He has taught at Catholic Theological College in Melbourne and been involved in parish ministry for many years.


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