School Chaplaincy: An Introduction

School Chaplaincy: An Introduction


Author: David Pohlmann
Publisher: Mosaic Resources
ISBN: 9781743240533
Format: Paperback
Page Count:
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Chaplaincy is a very ancient form of ministry within western Christian society. In Australasia, it is generally accepted in Christian schools and, increasingly, in public schools as well.

This book is offered as an introduction to the art of chaplaincy in the school setting. It outlines the origins and nature of chaplaincy, allowing the reader to explore the contexts within which school chaplains find themselves, and helping them to examine the various chaplaincy models and roles that fit those contexts. It also shows how chaplains can approach and respond to the everyday issues encountered in the school setting: program development, ministry teamwork, pastoral care, working with others, events, worship, spirituality and religious education.

The book acknowledges that chaplains live and work in increasingly secular and multi-faith contexts and shows how this ministry can be exercised in the wider school community.

The ministry of chaplaincy – in emergency services, hospitals, armed services, sporting groups, industrial workplaces, universities and, of course, schools – has emerged to be one of the more practical ministries of the Christian church. This book considers the ministry of chaplaincy, its theological foundations and how the ministry exists in its broadest contexts.

David Pohlmann, Author

Dr David Pohlmann has worked in many educational institutions, having taught every school-year level from P to 12, as well as in Vocational Education and University settings. David has a PhD in school chaplaincy and is currently a Senior Lecturer in the School of Social Science and Chapel Pastor at Christian Heritage College, Brisbane.


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