Slaying Your Giants


Author: Kent Crockett
Publisher: Hendrickson Publishers
ISBN: 9781619700635
Format: Paperback
Page Count: 260
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A spiritual survival guide that tackles giant problems—Features discussion questions for small group study

In this new, expanded edition of his bestseller 911 Handbook, Kent Crockett has improved an already terrific book. A virtual spiritual survival guide, Slaying Your Giants, tackles twenty common problems that can become Goliaths in our lives and provides simple Biblical step-by-step methods of conquering each one.

“A friend of mine gave this book to her son who could not seem to even get interested in reading the Bible . . . Once he started to read 911 Handbook, he could not put it down. He found real practical answers to his problems. He began to grow for the first time in his spiritual life. He died tragically, shortly after he read this book. At the funeral service his mother gave the Lord credit for saving her son! Give it as a gift to those who struggle with their faith.”
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Chapters include:
• Hopelessness—One in a Billion
• Fear—How’s Your Nervous System?
• Discontentment—May I Change Seats, Please?
• Doubt—Without a Doubt
• Temptation—Adam and Eve’s Instruction Manual
• Unforgiveness—Who is in Your Dungeon?
• Guilt—Canceling Guilt Trips
• Change—Breaking Out of Comfort Zones
• Worry—The Movies in Your Mind
• Self-Image—I Love Me, I Love Me Not
• Pessimism—Treasure Hunting
• Anger—Anger Management
• Rejection—The Angel in the Marble
• Impatience—God’s Waiting Room
• Burdens—Check Your Baggage Here
• Depression—Singing in the Dark
• Envy—The Possession Obsession
• Jealousy—A Sneaking Suspicion
• Discouragement—The End of Your Rope
• Death—Scared to Death

Includes discussion questions for each topic for small group use.

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