Small World: Haiku on the Way


O’Brien Dermot Haiku on the Way

Author(s): Dermot OBrien

ISBN13: 9781853907036

ISBN10: 1853907030

Publisher: Veritas Publications

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In an imperfect world, our consciousness of creation is not always as clear as it might be. One of the purposes of prayer is to enable us to become more aware of God, ourselves and our world. In a state of perfect awareness everything would be understood. Small World by Dermot OBrien, a collection of short poems in haiku form, contains moments of this awareness.
Written by the author while residing at St Aidans Monastery in Ferns, Co. Wexford, the inspiration for the poems comes from the life of prayer in the monastery and the everyday life in the countryside surrounding the town of Ferns.

Small World will appeal to anyone who has ever had reason to struggle with their faith. Like stepping stones across a stream, the haiku offer a foot-hold in the flux of time, and a pointer to God, the ultimate reality.

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