Still My Grandma

Still My Grandma


Author: Van den Abeele, V


Camille and her grandma have a special friendship. They have sleepovers, bake chocolate cupcakes together, go out shopping, and giggle at old photographs. But one day Grandma forgets Camille’s name. Then she can’t remember where to put her shoes.

Camille learns that her grandma is sick, but “not the kind where you cough and blow your nose.” Grandma has Alzheimer’s disease, which is what makes her do strange things. And even though Grandma has to move out of her house and rely on nurses to care for her, Camille finds a way to continue their special traditions.

With charming, sensitive illustrations, this story gently introduces young readers to the realities of Alzheimer’s disease, and reminds them that love is more powerful than any illness can be.

Véronique Van den Abeele, Author

Véronique Van den Abeele is a translator, teacher, and writer. She wrote this book, her first published work for children, after her own grandmother developed Alzheimer’s disease. Véronique lives in Belgium.


Claude K Dubois , Illustrator

Claude K. Dubois has written or illustrated more than thirty books for children, several of which have been translated into foreign languages. Claude lives in Belgium, where she works as an Illustration Professor at the Saint-Luc Institute.


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