Symbolism: The Glory of Escutcheoned Doors

Symbolism: The Glory of Escutcheoned Doors


Hederman Mark Patrick

Author(s): Mark Patrick Hederman

ISBN13: 9781853909375

ISBN10: 1853909378

Publisher: Veritas


Symbolism: The Glory of Escutcheoned Doors is about experiencing this world symbolically. The energy of God takes over as the operating fuel in human personality. This happens and perdures through a life of symbols. From such a perspective the most important symbol of all is you, as an active part in a greater whole. Our biological life from birth to death is bankrolled by counterfeit currency unless we consciously switch to the alternative energy of divine illumination. In light of this superior wattage we and everything that exists in our world are seen, heard, tasted, smelled, touched, breathed, not as discrete, self-contained things in themselves but as manifestations of a larger reality, signals from a vaster energy.

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