The Art of Balance: Creating Calm in a Chaotic World

The Art of Balance: Creating Calm in a Chaotic World


Author(s): John Farrelly

ISBN13: 9781847300652

ISBN10: 1847300650

Publisher: Veritas Publications (13 May 2008)

Extent: 104 pages

Binding: Paperback

Size: 20.8 x 14.2 x 0.9 cm

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How do you know when your life is balanced? If you can die today, contented with your life, it is balanced.

Do you ever feel like a tightrope walker trying to keep your balance as you follow your life path? Do you feel that intimacy, understanding, friendship and acceptance are missing, replaced instead with feelings of isolation, separation and of being all alone. These days, we take on so many roles in life, yet in our hearts there is often a void, an empty spot that modern consumption just cannot fill. Career, family, spirituality, friends, finance, leisure and health all allow us to express a different dimension of our being. However, if we do not learn how to balance these separate roles we can find ourselves pleasing our boss and our work colleagues, but failing our families; having the perfect home, but failing to look after our health; buying impressive cars and clothes, but feeling we are worthless; and attending religious services but losing our faith and spirituality. John Farrelly shows you how to achieve this inner calm in a chaotic world. He teaches about living in sync with yourself so you can live with others.

You will learn about attending to your multidimensional self so you can make conscious choices about how you spend your time and energy at work and in life. He also describes a six-stage process that is guaranteed to increase the balance in your life. You will learn how to embrace life and respond to it honestly in each moment, providing insights on how to stop playing the game of chaos, take off your masks and begin living balanced a life.

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