The Best of Being Catholic

The Best of Being Catholic


Author: Kathy Coffey
Publisher: Orbis Books
ISBN: 9781570759789
Format: Paperback
Page Count:
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A kaleidoscope of spiritual values in Catholicism that don’t divide but bring people together and will instill peace and love in those who take the time to better understand them. At a time when many Catholics have grown frustrated with their Church, The Best of Catholicism reminds them of the positive values and practices that they will never read about in the daily news including: 1. Catholicism is a community that remembers Jesus. 2. Catholics draw on a rich tradition of spirituality. 3. The Church is a family. 4. It has splendid heroes and heroines.


Kathy Coffey is the author of several popular books on spirituality, including, from Orbis: Hidden Women of the Gospels (14,500 sold, plus another 15,000 of it sold in first edition from Crossroad), Mary (6,500 sold), God in the Moment (2,500 sold, plus another 3,000 from Loyola Press in hardcover first edition), and Women of Mercy (5,000 sold). She is the winner of ten awards from the Catholic Press Association and a recipient of the Foley Poetry Award.


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