The Coldest Night: A Family’s Experience of Suicide

The Coldest Night: A Family’s Experience of Suicide


Author(s): Carol Milton

ISBN13: 9781847302021

ISBN10: 1847302025

Publisher: Veritas


For me there are two distinct lives: my life prior to the death of my son, and the radically changed life that my family and I had to learn to live following his death by suicide. The Coldest Night tells the story of a mother’s loss of her son through suicide. The author brings us from the moment she learned her son had taken his own life, through the postmortem, the funeral and the subsequent months of bewilderment and shock as she and her family tried to come to terms with a changed life and family structure.

She emerges eventually, a different but stronger person, with a deep desire to help young people who are suffering the pain of depression and suicidal ideation, and to continue to be involved in nurturing their spirituality, which she believes is key to a healthy sense of self-worth and value.

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