The Holy Thursday Revolution


Author: Beatrice Bruteau
Publisher: Orbis Books
ISBN: 9781570755767
Format: Paperback
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In a time of increasing anxiety, the author of Radical Optimism breaks new ground as she explores the two teaching events of Holy Thursday: the Footwashing and the Supper, or Holy Communion. She shows how this new paradigm
a movement from Lord to friend
can dramatically alter our personal and social relations, our economic and political practices.

Drawing from a wide range of disciplines Bruteau presents a unifying vision of a world moving from economic and military domination to one of equality and sharing. She dares to offer hope for the future based on a revolution begun two thousand years ago with the spiritual power to make all things new.


Beatrice Bruteau has authored ground-breaking books on philosophy, religion, and spirituality. They includeRadical Optimism, Gods Ecstasy, The Easter Mysteries, What We Can Learn from the East, Jesus Through Jewish Eyes, and Evolution Toward Divinity. She lives in Winston Salem, North Carolina.