The Latter Day Saints: A Christian Perspective on Mormonism


Author(s): Kieron Wood

ISBN13: 9781853902956

ISBN10: 1853902950

Publisher: Veritas

Extent: 32 pages

Binding: Paperback


The clean-cut, personable young men who knock on your door are shining examples of Christian behaviour. They seem almost impervious to the evil in the word today; but behind their glib patter and friendly faces is a well-organised, fast-growing sect which claims to have its roots in Christianity.

Anyone approached by Mormons should be armed with a good understanding of the spurious teaching and strange history of this unique sect. In The Latter Day Saints: A Christian Perspective on Mormonism, Kieron Wood has written a fascinating account of the origins and growth of Mormonism from the birth in 1805 of its founder, Joseph Smith, to the success of the church today.

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