The Postie and the Priest

The Postie and the Priest


Author: Ron Burrows
Publisher: Mosaic Resources
ISBN: 9781743240014
Format: Paperback
Page Count:
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To catch rabbits,” he said. “I’ll learn how to sell them.” On his first buying trip, he biked into the countryside and bought two rabbits which he skinned in the back yard and hawked around the neighbours. Within 20 years he controlled a rabbit empire which stretched across half of Australia. In a 40 year career, he exported more then 130 million rabbits. Wherever the rabbits went, he went too, Rabbit chillers and trucks, emblazoned with the legend JOHN A. McCRAITH, Rabbit Exporter, Spencer Street, Melbourne, dotted the back country from the Simpson Desert to the Nullabor Plains.Ron Burrows, Author

When Ron Burrows, the local postie, began to deliver mail to Sts Peter and Paul Church in South Melbourne, he did just that. He placed the mail in the front pews of the church. The parish priest, Fr Bob Maguire, struck up a friendship with the postie and encouraged him to write the story of ‘a priest with panache written by a postie who hasn’t’. This is the story of how the book was written.


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