The Riches of the Rosary

The Riches of the Rosary


Harty Gabriel

Author(s): Gabriel Harty

ISBN13: 9781853903670

ISBN10: 1853903671

Publisher: Veritas Books

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Gabriel M. Harty OP, the Rosary Priest, was born in 1921 and ordained a secular priest for the Archdiocese of Dublin in 1945. After serving as chaplain and parish curate for some years, he made the decision to devote his life to the service of the Mother of God in whatever way she wished. His search led him to the Dominican Order, and he was professed a friar of the Order of Preachers in 1950.

Since then, Father Gabriel has directed all his energies to the apostolate of the Rosary. Apart from his many preaching assignments, he has researched his subject in libraries and archives throughout Europe. He is especially interested in the healing power of the Rosary, and has established prayer groups and communities in every part of Ireland. He has produced literally hundreds of booklets, pamphlets and audio tapes on every aspect of the Rosary. His autobiographical Make the Wild Rose Bloom was published in 1992. Above all, however, Father Gabriel is a man of deep and contemplative prayer, a simple child of Mary, Queen of heaven and earth, and totally devoted to her service.

This book is a definitive statement of the history and development of the Rosary, revealing, as its title suggests, the riches of this most precious gift of God to his people. But, more than that, it is a revelation of Father Hartys own deeply personal prayer-life, the accumulation of all the wisdom and love he has absorbed and shared during his half-century of dedicated ministry.

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