The Sacred Bridge: Carta’s Atlas of the Biblical World (Second Emended & Enhanced Edition)

The Sacred Bridge: Carta’s Atlas of the Biblical World (Second Emended & Enhanced Edition)


Author: Anson F Rainey, R Steven Notley
Publisher: Carta Jerusalem
ISBN: 9789652208491
Format: Hardback
Page Count:
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The Sacred Bridge will be the Bible Atlas of Record and Standard Work for the coming decades. Exhaustive in scope and rich in detail, with its comprehensive documentation of the Near Eastern background to Biblical History, this Bible Atlas from Carta is one more stepping stone on the way to the study and understanding of the Holy Scriptures.


Anson F Rainey (1930-2011) was Israel’s leading historical geographer of the land of the Bible and a master of cuneiform languages such as Akkadian and Ugaritic, as well as ancient Egyptian (hieroglyphic and hieratic), and Hebrew and Arabic. Anson also participated in a dozen different archaeological excavations, from volunteer to area supervisor and was often a member of the core staff. His résumé includes 12 books, 112 scholarly articles, 48 chapters in books and 24 encyclopedia articles. Rainey became a full professor at Tel Aviv University. Anson also taught at other institutions of higher learning in Israel and around the world from California to Korea. After completing a master’s degree at the California Baptist Theological Seminary and then receiving a PhD from Brandeis, Anson continued his studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He ultimately settled in Israel and in 1980 converted to Judaism. His major lifelong project was the collation of the Amarna letters. Dr R Steven Notley lived in Jerusalem for 16 years where he earned his PhD in Comparative Religions at the Hebrew University. He studied under the direction of the late professor David Flusser, writing his dissertation on “The Concept of the Holy Spirit in Jewish Literature of the Second Commonwealth and Pre-Pauline Christianity.” With Flusser he collaborated on the historical biography Jesus (Jerusalem: Hebrew University Magnes Press, 1997, 1998, 2001). Currently he is a professor of Biblical Studies at the New York City campus of Nyack College.


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