Therese of Lisieux: Living Justice

Therese of Lisieux: Living Justice


Author: Boniface Hanley
Publisher: Ave Maria
ISBN: 9781594710599
Format: Paperback
Page Count:
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Justice allows us to conform to truth, fact, and reason, especially in relation to Christian beliefs.

Through her kindness to others, Therese of Lisieux, lived the virtue of justice.In her autobiography, The Little Way, Therese shows that one does not have to be great to find God. The prayers and service activities opens up Therese’s spirituality to show students the importance in living their faith through their interactions with their peers and demonstrates the different ways in which they can integrate the virtue of justice into their own lives.

The Saints and Virtues Series contains booklets featuring illustrated biographies of popular heroic Christians, prayers, and service activities that combine to create a resource that brings alive the Catholic faith for today’s teens and shows that the virtues can be lived by everyday people. The booklets are perfect for enriching religion courses and confirmation programs.


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