Think Big, Act Small

Think Big, Act Small


Doherty, Crilly, Working at Collaborative Ministry through Parish P

Author(s): Frank Dolaghan, Johnny Doherty, Oliver Crilly, Paddi Curran

ISBN13: 9781853909955

ISBN10: 1853909955

Publisher: Veritas Warehouse – Ballycoolin D 11


Think Big, Act Small is about collaboration. Its origins are in a process which began with a parish mission in the year 2000, leading to a parish survey, a parish assembly and the setting up of a parish pastoral council. The book records the induction and formation process associated with the development of the pastoral council, and the effort to extend the collaborative dynamic to more and more people within the parish community. It is not only the activities which are documented, but the thinking which inspired them.

This is what makes the book valuable as a pattern for others to explore in their own context. This book offers heart and hope for all of us who are fearful of new journeys. It is good to hear an account of some who have gone ahead of us and give us a clear sense that the journey is possible. Be not afraid is their message.

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