Unveiling the Heart

Unveiling the Heart


Collins Patrick

Author(s): Patrick Collins

ISBN13: 9781853902390

ISBN10: 185390239X

Publisher: Veritas Books

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We are living in troubled times. News of contemporary wars, crimes, famines and Church scandals has disturbed many of us. Confronted by such events, we anxiously search for answers. What is evil? Why does it occur in these upsetting ways? How can we be delivered from it?

While many of the solutions proposed by different experts are helpful up to a point, they often overlook the perverse role of Satan. But as Pope Paul VI once observed, The question of the Devil and the influence he can exert on individual persons as well as on communities, whole societies or events, is a very important chapter of Catholic doctrine. It is given little attention today, though it should be studied again.

Unveiling the Heart explores this important but neglected subject. It begins by looking at the existence and malign role of the Devil from a number of perspectives, experiential, scientific, psychological and doctrinal. It then proposes practical ways of overcoming the evils of sin, temptation and addiction, by means of inner healing, discernment of spirits, self-denial and prayer.

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