Vincent McCauley, CSC: Bishop of the Poor, Apostle of East Africa

Vincent McCauley, CSC: Bishop of the Poor, Apostle of East Africa


Author: Richard Gribble, CSC
Publisher: Ave Maria
ISBN: 9781594711107
Format: Paperback
Page Count:
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In this definitive biography of “servant of God” Vincent McCauley, C.S.C., Richard Gribble, C.S.C., shows how his life was one of extremes. McCauley grew up in the quiet, peaceful, American town of Council Bluffs, Iowa, in the early twentieth century. Although he nearly lost his beloved calling to be a missionary to cancer, he went on as a bishop to survive the rampant violence of 1970s Uganda. This compelling biography demonstrates how, through these changing extremes, McCauley maintained an immovable faith and uncompromising vision, hewn within the long-standing missionary spirit of the Congregation of Holy Cross.


Richard Gribble, C.S.C., a priest in the Congregation of Holy Cross, is an associate professor in the department of religious studies at Stonehill College in Easton, Massachusetts. He has a doctorate from the Catholic University of America. He is the author of several books and numerous articles on American Catholicism and spirituality.


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