When Parents Separate

When Parents Separate


Sharry, Reid & Donohue

Author(s): Eugene Donohoe, John Sharry, Peter Reid

ISBN13: 9781853905339

ISBN10: 185390533X

Publisher: Veritas

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Although children can suffer greatly during parental conflict, separation or divorce, the good new sis that there are positive things that you can do as a parent that will reduce the negative impact and help your children cope. Based on research into what makes a difference during a separation, When Parents Separate: Helping Your Children Cope offers practical advice on how youcan help yourself and your children

– Taking steps to manage your own stress to ensure you are personally coping.
– Working constructively with your former partner on parenting issues.
– Listening to your children and focusing on their best interests and needs.
– Maintaining the quality of your own parenting.
– Minimising the moves and changes in your childs life, post separation.

When Parents Separate: Helping Your Children Cope aims to build on your strengths as a parent, giving you some further ideas on how you can improve your own and your childrens coping.

The authors are social workers and psychologists working in child and adolescent mental health services. This book is based on their clinical experience of helping parents and children cope with separation and divorce.

When Parents Separate: Helping Your Children is the ninth in the Will our Children Be Okay? series. The series is designed as a resource for parents dealing with the difficulties and joys of bringing up a family in a Christian context.

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