Where the Hell Is God?

Where the Hell Is God?


Author: Fr Richard Leonard SJ
ISBN13: 9781587680601
ISBN10: 1587680602
Publisher: HiddenSpring (1 Sep 2010)
Extent: 88 pages
Binding: Paperback

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This book, Where the Hell Is God?, combines professional insights along with the authors own experience and insights to speculate on how believers can make sense of their Christian faith when confronted with tragedy and suffering.

“Where the Hell is God? is a page turner. Hard to imagine saying that about a theological book that takes up the age-old question of the goodness of God and the existence of suffering and evil. But its true. Moved by the terrible accident that left his beloved sister a quadriplegic before she turned thirty, Richard Leonard tackles some of the hardest questions such suffering raises. Every chapter forces you to reassess your image of God. Read this book; it could change your life.”
William A Barry SJ author of Spiritual Direction and the Encounter with God

“This brilliant work by a gifted priest is one of the best books you will ever read on the question of suffering – in other words, one of the best books you will ever read on the spiritual life. Wise, insightful, pastoral, original, experienced and never settling for easy answers, Father Leonard is the compassionate guide that all of us wish we had in times of pain. This profound book is for anyone who will face suffering in life – that is, everyone.”
James Martin SJ author of The Jesuit Guide to Almost Everything

Table of Contents
Foreword James Martin, SJ vii
Preface xi
Chapter 1 God Is Not Out to Get Us 1
Chapter 2 We Grow through Pain, but It Is Not Sent to Make Us Grow 12
Chapter 3 And Now Lets Cross to God the Weatherman. Can We Stop Praying for Rain? 22
Chapter 4 We Are Invited to Respond to Gods Love, Not Forced or Programmed by It 37
Chapter 5 If God Did That to His Only Beloved Son, Maybe Im Getting off Lightly 52
Chapter 6 “Thus Have We Made the World” 67
Chapter 7 When Your Time Is Up, Your Time Is Up, and You Dont Get a Second More 85
Conclusion 96
Select Bibliography 99

About the Author
Fr Richard Leonard, SJ, is a Jesuit priest of the Australian Province. He is the director of the Australian Catholic Film Office, a consultant to the Australian Catholic Bishops’ Media Committee, and a film critic for all the major Catholic newspapers of Australia. A holder of a doctorate in cinema studies, he has lectured all over the world.

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