A Healing Word: Finding Inner Peace Through Scripture

A Healing Word: Finding Inner Peace Through Scripture


Flanagan John

Author(s): John A. Flanagan

ISBN13: 9781847301604

ISBN10: 1847301606

Publisher: Veritas

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This book offers a reflective journey through life and scripture to finding inner peace, acceptance and a more fulfilling existence. It includes reflections, scripture passages, life-questions and some practical ways of responding to them.

This book can be used alone in quiet personal reflection or with others in group situations. It could be a companion at a retreat; it could be the means by which parish groups share faith together. Used slowly over time, this book will keep fresh the challenge to forgive and love oneself and others. Finally, even in the midst of human experience of wrong-doing, mistakes, guilt, shame, and a sense of abandonment by God, this book encourages a particular vision of God: the God who has not let us down, the God who still believes in us, the God who doesnt hold the past against us, and the God who has plans for us too.

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