Candelabra (Electric) Blue 60

Candelabra (Electric) Blue 60


Electric No-Touch Candelabra (60 Votive Lights) in Blue

Safely Accepts and Holds Church Offerings


No Touch Electric Candelabra (Blue) 60 Votive Lights

Electric Church candelabra with 60 non-touch candle effect votive lights with secure safe storage.

Helps provide safety and peace of mind during the Coronavirus pandemic in helping to reduce handling of candles, lighting equipment, matches and cash.

  • Non Touch Candelabra Votive Lights
  • Anti-Flame Cables
  • Double Insulation Cable
  • Electric Candelabra (60) Blue
  • Insulated Switch Charger (Low voltage)
  • 2 year warranty

The electronic votive candelabra is simple to operate. Just insert cash or coins in the slot to the front of the candelabra. Once the money is deposited into the candelabra, an electric candle effect votive light will switch on automatically without having to touch anything.


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