From Anxiety to Peace

From Anxiety to Peace


Author: Main, John
Publisher: Convivium
ISBN: 9781934996515
Format: Paperback
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Spiritual awareness and growth are highest priorities of our times. Meditation is the path to growth, the way to deepen our own commitment to life. In the tradition of meditation the space for the expansion of our spirit is to be found in silence. Through contact with the Life Source we can begin to understand the mystery of our being and to realise our potential to enter into fullness of life, fullness of love, fullness of wisdom. The practice of meditation is quite simple, but it requires discipline in repeating the mantra again and again. Once rooted, it flourishes.

Main, John, Author

John Main (1926-1982) was born in London and rediscovered Christian Meditation in the 20th Century and proposed it to contemporary women and men seeking sense in their lives. He was taught the technique of Hindu meditation during his youth, and when he entered the Benedictine order, Main started practicing mantra meditation, based on the suppression of thought and image; the repetition of a short phrase to facilitate this letting go; and the concept of the poverty of spirit throughout prayer.


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