Irish Catholic Catechism for Adults

Irish Catholic Catechism for Adults


Author(s): Irish Episcopal Conference
ISBN13: 9781847304094
ISBN10: 1847304095
Publisher: Veritas (June 2014)
Pages: 704 Pages
Binding: Paperback


Published by Veritas, the Irish Catholic Catechism for Adults is a great publication from the Irish Episcopal Conference. The result of several years’ work, this Catechism is a call to renewal of faith among adults, at a time when people may be questioning whether the good news of Jesus Christ applies to them. It responds to the recommendation in the Catechism of the Catholic Church that Episcopal Conferences would develop ‘local catechisms, which take into account various situations and cultures, while carefully preserving the unity of faith and fidelity to catholic doctrine’.

Each chapter opens with a story or lesson of faith featuring a number of notable people of faith, including Irish people such as Nano Nagle, Catherine McAuley and Matt Talbot, as well as others such as Pope John XXIII, St Augustine and many more. It aims to provide Irish Catholics with an accessible, easy-to-understand introduction to Church teachings in a format they can relate to.

Ireland is only the second country in the English-speaking world to publish a local catechism based on the Catechism of the Catholic Church. It received the official recognition of the Holy See in late April and was launched by the Irish Bishops’ Conference on Monday, 9 June.

The Irish Catholic Catechism for Adults is a new resource from the Irish Episcopal Conference. Designed to complement the Catechism of the Catholic Church, it is adapted for an Irish audience and written in accessible, easy-to-understand language. The Adult Catechism responds to the proposal made by the Irish National Directory for Catechesis, Share the Good News, that adult faith development should be given priority at this time.

The Irish Catholic Catechism for Adults presents Irish Catholics with a renewed opportunity to study, reflect on and live by the faith we profess in the Creed, celebrate in the Sacraments, live in the Christian moral life and deepen through prayer. Each chapter begins with a ‘Story or Lesson of Faith’, featuring many notable figures from Ireland, such as Edmund Rice, Catherine McAuley and Nano Nagle. These stories and lessons present the richness of the Church’s teaching within the Irish cultural context.

This catechism is for adults who wish to renew or learn more about their faith, including:

– Parish Study Groups
– Retreat Groups
– Liturgy Committees
– RCIA Groups
– Those interested in personal study.

It also provides information about the Catholic faith to other interested readers.

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