Oscar Romero Communion Of Saints

Oscar Romero Communion Of Saints


Author: Wright
Publisher: Orbis Books
ISBN: 9781570758393
Format: Paperback
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Almost thirty years since his assassination in 1980, Oscar Romero continues to serve as one of the great Christian witnesses of our time. This illustrated biography tells his story, beginning with his humble origins and his early life as a relatively conservative priest and bishop. Only in the last three years of his life, with his consecration as archbishop of San Salvador, did he undergo an astonishing transformation
some have called it a conversion. Embracing the church’s “option for the poor,” he became a courageous voice for the voiceless, entering a path he knew would lead to his death. This biography reveals both his humanity as well his extraordinary faith and courage. It offers a stunning portrait of the gospel challenge for our time.

Wright, Author


“Martyrdom is a grace that I don’t believe I merit. But if God accepts the sacrifice of my life, may my blood be the seed of liberty and sign that this hope will soon become a reality. May my death, if it is accepted by God, be for the liberation of my people and a testimony of hope in the future.”
Archbishop Oscar Romero


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