Patrick: The Pilgrim Apostle of Ireland (PB)

Patrick: The Pilgrim Apostle of Ireland (PB)


De Paor M?ire An Analysis of Confessio & Epistola

Author(s): Maire De Paor

ISBN13: 9781853904509

ISBN10: 1853904503

Publisher: Veritas

Extent: 313 pages

Binding: Paperback

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In this original and scholarly presentation of St Patricks Confessio and Epistola, M??ire B. de Paor examines the saints spiritual journey and his complex personality in the light of the most recent research. Her detailed study reveals Patrick as an artist of astounding literary skill and man of great spiritual depth.
The richness of the two primary sources enables the author to investigate the many insight which make Patrick a contemporary pilgrim. She makes full use of her own wide reading in Christian spirituality and her intimate knowledge of Irish language and literature, and injects a refreshing vigour and passion into her story without ever losing sight of humanity of her subject or respect for the rigorous demands of scholarship.
Coming at the time when there is greater need than ever for Bible-based reflection mediated through the experience of man who is accepted by all Christian denomination, this extended commentary on Patricks life and work will deepen the readers faith as a lived reality.

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