Stop Smoking (Collins GEM)

Stop Smoking (Collins GEM)


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Giving up smoking is one of the hardest things to do. This handy-sized book contains all the information you need to find a method that works for you. It presents in a clear practical way the different techniques on offer — from Allen Carr’s Easy Way to the Quit Smoking Diet — and reveals how they work. The introductory section explains why we smoke, how it can affect our bodies, minds and the people around us. It also highlights the benefits of giving up, describes any withdrawal symptoms you might encounter and rounds off with the top ten reasons to stop smoking. The largest section is a guide to the different techniques for giving up — from simple willpower (and ways to strengthen it) through Allen Carr’s Easy Way to Tibetan breathing exercises. Each method is explained simply and clearly allowing you to see whether it might work for you. It also allows you to combine a couple of methods. The final section is all about staying on track, pointing out the danger zone (moments when ex-smokers are likely to slip up). There are practical tips on what to do if you do slip up and advice on creating an all-round healthy lifestyle where cigarettes are just a distant memory.

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