Surviving the Leaving Cert

Surviving the Leaving Cert

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Murray Marie Points for Parents

Author(s): Marie Murray

ISBN13: 9781853906466

ISBN10: 1853906468

Publisher: Veritas

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0Surviving the Leaving Cert: Points for Parents is a comprehensive guide for parents and students to help them navigate the daunting territory of the Leaving Cert year. Psychologist Marie Murray provides new and important insights into the needs of young people preparing to sit the Leaving Cert. Designed to help parents to distinguish between issues that are exam related and those that are part of this age and stage, the book outlines the signs and symptoms of a student under pressure, stressed, distressed or depressed.

Every aspect of the Leaving Cert is covered – the CAO, time-management, study strategies, family problems, specific learning studies. Parents are helped to be supportive, encouraging and motivating right up to the day students receive their exam results. The book includes suggestions from students as to how parents could be more helpful to them. The author, in turn, provides pointers for students on how to communicate effectively with parents. Written in a lively and accessible style, with many user-friendly bullet points, Surviving the Leaving Cert: Points for Parents is an indispensable resource for every Irish family.

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