The Gospel Of Rutba


Author: Greg Barrett
Publisher: Orbis Books
ISBN: 9781626980037
Format: Paperback
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Now in paperback, a timeless story of friendship and reconciliation marks the tenth anniversary of the beginning of the Iraq War.

“Many books claims to contain a ‘life-changing message,’ but this one delivers. Only a few could physically be there for the events described in these pages, but readers of these pages can become witnesses to amazing grace in an unexpected place.” —Brian McLaren

In 2003, three U.S. Christian peacemakers weathered the first horrifying days of “Shock and Awe” in Baghdad only to be nearly killed in a car accident as they were leaving the country. They were rescued by Iraqi Muslims who took them to a clinic in the bombed-out town of Rutba, where they received protection and care. In sending the Americans on their way, their hosts had only one request: “Go and tell the world of Rutba.” In fulfillment of that pledge, the peacemakers returned to Rutba in 2010 to thank the doctors and all who saved them and to contribute to an ongoing process of peace, friendship, and reconciliation.