The Imitation of Christ: A Timeless Classic for Contemporary Readers


Author: William C Creasy
Publisher: Ave Maria
ISBN: 9780870612312
Format: Paperback
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The The Imitation of Christ has appeared in more editions and in more languages than any other book except the Bible. William Creasy’s version of this spiritual classic is more than a new translation of a timeless work. It’s a re-creation of an almost 600-year-old work that infuses it with life and meaning for contemporary readers. Working from the 1441 Latin Autograph Manuscript, William Creasy succeeds in creating a dramatically different interpretation of the Imitation by working through its historical, cultural and linguistic contexts. For Creasy, Thomas a Kempis offers profound insights into a person’s relationship with God, insights that only deepen when they accommodate a post-Vatican II understanding of what he has to say.