The Master is Here

The Master is Here


McNeil Brian Biblical Reflections on Eucharistic Adoration

Author(s): Brian McNeil

ISBN13: 9781853903120

ISBN10: 1853903124

Publisher: Veritas Books

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All over the world today, there is a quiet but vigorous flowering of eucharistic adoration, which offers very definite alternatives to the values and individualism of contemporary society. Eucharistic adoration presents a privileged moment of divine presence amid the everyday hustle and bustle, bringing us together as a eucharistic community, a body of people with Christ as the leader.

The author provides a detailed account of the experience of eucharistic adoration, in which he has been involved for over ten years. He examines some of the serious objections of a spiritual nature which have been made to the practice and finishes by looking at the deepest fruit of this prayer, a configuration to Jesus that takes the form of a true compassion, offering hope to our suffering world.

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