The Minding of Planet Earth

The Minding of Planet Earth


Daly Cardinal Cahal


Cardinal Cahal B. Daly addresses the relationship between religion, ecology and science, asserting that religion and science are complementary, not contradictory; both are needed for a completely satisfactory explanation of the world. There is an intentional play on words in the book’s title. The Minding of Planet Earth pleads passionately for peace, for fair conditions of world trade and for a more equitable sharing the world’s resources in a more just world order. It pleads powerfully for responsible use of the earth’s limited resources. The author puts the case for world development aid and the reduction of the debt problem of poorer countries. He insists that these issues must be faced with urgency if catastrophes on a cosmic scale are to be averted. Yet, the book’s message is one of hope. It celebrates the beauty of the universe, which is a reflection of the Beauty of God; its background music is that of praise of God.

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