The Whisper of Spirit: A Believable God Today

The Whisper of Spirit: A Believable God Today


Author: Antony F Campbell, SJ
Publisher: Wm B Eerdmans
ISBN: 9780802840424
Format: Paperback
Page Count: 192
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There is a wonderful absurdity to Christian faith, weighed against the even greater absurdity of anything less.”

This stirring work explores the nature of belief in God’s being, specifically discusses Christian belief in God’s love, and anticipates the shape of a future “phoenix” church to support and nourish that faith. In discussing a “believable” God today, Antony Campbell here addresses relevant, basic life questions: Who am I? Why are we here? What meaning is there?

First examining the fundamental fact of faith for all humans, whether theist or atheist, Campbell then turns to modern science, arguing that it has replaced outmoded science but not religious faith. He looks at how religion and science can coexist without clashing: science deals with the measurable and religion with the immeasurable. In exploring the basis for faith in God today, Campbell focuses throughout on the universal “whisper of spirit” deep within us, and he gives unique insights into the life of faith today and a vision for tomorrow.

The Whisper of Spirit is an inspiring reflection on faith in a God both far above us and personally close to us. 

“The purpose of The Whisper of Spirit is to encourage in the reader a deepened awareness of what is surely one of the deepest, most spiritual, and ultimately most ecstatic journeys of humanity across the millennia. The goal of the journey: fuller awareness of and feeling for our restlessness in search of the rest that is the source of the existence of the universe.”
– from the introduction

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