Who’s in Charge? – Towards a Leadership of Service

Who’s in Charge? – Towards a Leadership of Service


Author: Harry Bohan
Paperback: 144 pages
Publisher: Veritas Publications (August 17, 2010)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1847302165
ISBN-13: 9781847302168

Bohan Harry (ed.)


The question of leadership has to be one of the most critical facing us as a society right now. The twentieth century was about institutions; they shaped us.

There is now a distrust of the institutions that were central to our lives, and people are calling into question the way leadership has been exercised. We are aware of the need to change, but what kind of leadership will bring about that change? It is clear that a lot of organisations will have to return to first beginnings. What are banks for? What is the Church for? How does business and community connect? Is politics about parties or people? To whom do young people turn for ideals, for a sense of meaning and purpose? What kind of community/local leadership is needed?

These are fundamental questions for our time and for the systems that serve us. There is no scarcity of analysis. There is no shortage of ideas. The papers from the 2009 Céifin Conference aim to address the kind of vision, values and leadership required for recovery.

Contributors include Rachael English, Ray Kinsella and Michael Drumm.

Author: Harry Bohan

Fr. Harry Bohan, Chairman of the Céifin Centre, qualified as Sociologist in the University of Wales and is currently Director of Pastoral Planning in Diocese of Killaloe and Parish Priest in Sixmilebridge, Co Clare.

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