Words of Freedom: The Biblical Message of Liberation

Words of Freedom: The Biblical Message of Liberation


Author: Pietro Bovati
Publisher: Convivium
ISBN: 9781934996683
Format: Paperback
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Italian Jesuit Pietro Bovati reminds us that each section of the Old Testament contains expressions that explain and supplement narrated events that bring a powerful message of freedom and liberation for today. His systematic study will facilitate insight of the sacred texts by examining both the stories themselves and particular phrases— such as those of the Patriarchs and of David. His methodology of combining both exegetical and thematic perspectives provides a valuable articulation, revealing a rich reinforcement of the importance of the theme of liberation as an integral part of the whole theology of the Old Testament.


Pietro Bovati SJ, teaches biblical hermeneutics, exegesis and theology of the Old Testament at the Pontifical Biblical Institute (Rome), where he was also dean. His publications include Ristabilire la giustizia (Restoring Justice), Il libro del Deuteronomio, (The Book of Deuteronomy), Cosi parla il Signore, Studi sulprofetismo biblico (Thus says the Lord, Studies in Biblical prophecy), and Il libro del profeta Amos (The Book of the Prophet Amos).


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